Green Day + NRDC: Make A Difference

Adrienne Armstrong (aka Billie Joe Armstrong’s wife) talks about how simple it is for you to make a difference and help save the environment with Green Day + NRDC.


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  1. CloemoonVampireX says:

    im fan

  2. molliee151 says:

    I just saw a page on the internet where people were calling her a grimy looking fat whore & etc. I guess it’s just jeolousy, but she is absolutly beatiful & those people should be thanking her because she’s the inspiration for a lot of green day songs!

  3. flopsy91 says:

    my faith is is with you ….

  4. 0o0GreenDay0o037 says:

    ahw…80 is such an adorable person :)

    love billie,love franky,love mikey and love adie ;D

  5. TheNimroddable says:

    I sooo go lesbian for her!!!

  6. vinnie01 says:

    shes really pretty

  7. sandrakayevans says:

    Adrienne and Billie balance each other out so perfectly well. And Adrienne is awesome. Gorgeous, insightful, kind, and classy! With great style, too! Haters can piss off. :)

  8. AutumnsAddiction says:

    Adrienne has the most soothing voice :)

  9. Iskippedaheratbeat says:

    adie+billie = <3

  10. xTheUndeadAvengedx says:

    @NatWolff43567890 you’re a fag :)

  11. NatWolff43567890 says:

    She’s A FaG

  12. whirlygirl99 says:

    i’m really glad they’re married cause otherwise he wouldn’t have written such amazing songs. i wish i can meet someone one day and understand what he’s actually talking about in his lyrics lol :)

  13. niklasriipinen says:

    filmed in a sk8park

  14. JimmyBlade69 says:

    the reason why people have a problem being with Adie is because they expect Billie to be married to some big celebrity whore that he dosent really love theyre mad because hes been with Adie his whole life and he’s actually in love with her and they media dosent like that and neither do all these drama whores who watch all these shows like TMZ theyre mad cuz billie isnt with paris hilton making a frickin sex tape BILLIE N ADIE ARE TRULY IN LOVE PEOPLE GET OVER IT THEYRE NOT FAKE!!!

  15. xTheUndeadAvengedx says:

    why do people discuss about Billie Joe & Adie’s relashionship on a youtube video promoting the environment. shouldn’t you just watch the video and take your unused brain space to think of ways to save the planet?

    people are stupid. internet fighting is like the special olympics. even if you win, you’re still a retard.

    let’s save the earth :)

    by the way, Adie is BEAUTIFUL, clear? :D

  16. FishBreeder1 says:

    adrienne is such a wonderful person. a great inspiration and role model :)

  17. sandrakayevans says:

    @anarchore yeah because it’s totally responsible and mature to not give a shit about the environment…

  18. sandrakayevans says:

    @TheNimroddable YES!

  19. sandrakayevans says:

    @RockIsTheWord they really are perfect together!

  20. anarchore says:

    Bunch of fucking mainstream bullshit… fuck this fake activist greenwash.

  21. HelloKittyMMonster says:

    @nhcre8tv1 i like nimrod better. so ha!

  22. HelloKittyMMonster says:


  23. greenday2themax says:

    @VER0LiEBTGREENDAY they dont hate her. they hate they are not her. :)
    anyway, i agree. i would never have a chance with Billie Joe anyway. he is over 20 years older than me!!lol. yeah,adrienne is wonderful. she aint ugly or fat. like i said people hate her cause they hate they are not her.

  24. nhcre8tv1 says:

    Kerplunk would have never been made without adrieane. think about it.

  25. SuperGreenDayFan1995 says:

    I think adie and Billie Joe are a very happy couple!
    They are wounderful together and I totally agree with VER0LiEBTGREENDAY.
    Its not fair to be nasty to a woman how makes Billie Joe as happy as this.
    And every Green Day Fan should be happy that your Idol or your Hero has found a person like this. Witch is there for him and loves him just like he is!……
    And I think that adie is soo wounderful! Butiful and friendly! And nobody can say somethig bad about g´her if he dont knoe her personally!

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