Wake Up America / Australia – Music Video Miley Cyrus

My Music Video to Wake Up America by Miley Cyrus with an Australian twist :) Everything you do matters in some way so wake up Australia, it is our home so lets take care of it!! All she needs is a little attention! Can YOU give her just a little attention? So stand up I’ll try if you will!! I know that you don’t wanna here it. Especially coming from someone so young but listen to Miley and Go Green and Get Ur Good On Everyone :) Hope you enjoy Miley! Song = Wake Up America by Miley Cyrus From Breakout


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  1. katherinekmusic says:

    greeat man!

  2. TaylorsMusic2009 says:

    2:51 LMFAO :L
    did that hurt ?:L

  3. xooxMILEYxoox says:

    You are a great singer
    Please go on Australian Idol 2010 !!

  4. quinylapoo says:

    how old are u get a life

  5. coronation10 says:

    Haha love it! :)

  6. xbAbYxd0llx14x says:

    lmfao!! 2:04

  7. bonvore says:


  8. SaverOfTheEarth says:

    planting a tree reduces carbon dioxide while it’s living, but when it decomposes it goes back into the air

  9. lozmis says:

    good one mate. some of your comments are hilarious haha. rumps needs to feature to keep them under control!!

  10. cuttie101248 says:

    0:54 – 1:01 = intence!! :) do u rele have solar panals?’
    Great vid!! love the bloopers!!

  11. MissMileysFan1 says:

    I love your posters of Miley! She rocks!
    P.S.= You’re crazy x]

  12. CarmenNg1214 says:

    its funny!!! ur good. but isnt recycling in the blue bin?

  13. tutycutie93 says:

    lol i love it! its funny…yeah where it say wak up and u popped up out of bed i jumped

  14. eld630 says:

    i think u need to diversify u’re vids by including some colored individuals

  15. robbiegta says:

    shit! didn’t like it at all.

  16. syperrbunny says:

    Kamy: wow I vote! of course-awesome! this video is my favourite !
    I love your videos <3

  17. CyrusTisdalex3 says:

    this is awesome! <33

  18. xxzohashxx says:

    this is extrodinary

  19. sugarsassy says:

    i love it!

  20. tbearz says:

    Wow omg I can’t believe how awsum u r… you shd like be on idol or sumting

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