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Hydrophobic sand can help turn deserts green. The FDA released guidelines and rules for genetically engineered and cloned food. The Discerning Brute polices unsuspecting people wearing fur. ZapRoot zaproot.com Community snipurl.com Store snipurl.com Newsletter snipurl.com…


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  1. D3Y0G33 says:

    Four strikes.
    I lol’d.

  2. vajkosd says:

    what ever happened to these guys?

  3. Burgert3067 says:

    Dont worry, what could pssibly go wrong? *Screams in the backround*

  4. tripovermyego says:

    Id love to use my tongue on her belly!!

  5. oODontStopTheRainOo says:

    @Pankminek Australian, not British…

  6. freakable111 says:

    wtf sand then>cloned animals then >website > then i decided that i wasted 2.4 mins of my life

  7. Mamoruanime says:

    Except this crap is too expensive to use as anything other than toys. Green = extremely expensive.

  8. caseyawsome442 says:

    noone cares

  9. XxelfyxX1 says:

    at the end when she points to the subscribe button the only place she didnt point to was the actual subscribe button

  10. Chrispyduck04 says:

    she’s not British, that’s an Australian accent…

  11. Tigrt6150 says:

    I think I’m in love :D

  12. Pankminek says:

    She said five or sex. Ha, ha. So funny.

    British accent…

  13. sexymtd90 says:

    lately = latlaaee

  14. mlkshabang says:

    im sticking with pot

  15. Kurt2424 says:

    labeled was spelt wrong :-S

  16. eatingperson says:

    I’d like to see her star in a porn. I’m sure she makes home movies with her boyfriends. That would be hot to watch.

  17. gheita12 says:

    lol why did u put ur shirt down after 1:35 ????? it gave ME A BONER!!!!!

  18. p6a9u1l42 says:

    what would happen if you dumped a ton of this in a pool?

  19. 1W15HT0 says:

    A shitty commercial, really.

  20. SkebbyRobin says:

    the fuck was that?
    I’m so confused right now, what the hell did I just watch?

  21. 509g1 says:

    1.38 ugly belly put that shit away not worth seeing i dont even no what Hydrophobic is i just like the affect of the sand

  22. flashtastik says:

    oh, and one more thing..
    i would eat your cloned meat..

  23. flashtastik says:

    i never thought hydroponics would change the world..
    bubbleponics will, though..

  24. stophateing says:

    yipy juhu u stupid bastards.geneticly altered meet not labelt

  25. howisdiscool says:

    alright! who wants to pay for all this sand?

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